ALVIS TC 21 100 The Grey Ladyi SOLD

The Alvis TC/21/100 often referred to as “The Grey Lady” is a remarkable car easily achieving  the then magical top speed of a stunning 100mph performance. These models were not in fact always grey but when Alvis displayed a grey car at the 1953 Motor Show the Press adopted the name for these models and the terminolgy has remained ever since.

The build sheet records  Chassis & Engine  Number   25611 being completed 12 July 1954 with delivery taking place eleven days later place on the 23July1954. To the Alvis Bensham Motor Company in Bensham Road Gateshead. The car was then registered within 18 days to Mr J.O.Benson.

The 100 version was achieved by making only slight but as it turned out significant changes to the original TC/21models. The engine compression was increased to 8:1 and rear axle drive ratio changed to 3.77:1 which enabled the engine to comfortably stretch its legs and acheive the 100mph performance.

The addition of Dunlop center lock wire wheels P700 headlamps, fog and flare lamps, demister plates, pleated leather trim and side louvres all added to the unique style of this fast Alvis sports saloon. Optional Cowls were also available on the bonnet if required but were not always fitted.

The performance of the Alvis is remarkable and is able to pull away smoothly in top gear from 10 mph and remain pulling,  with all the characteristic sweetness for which the standard engine is known, right up to its maximum of 100mph.

This car has been treasured and given a complete body of restoration to the highest standards with no expense spared this is supported with good photographs showing the extent and quality of the restoration

The Alvis still has its originally ECN 59 number plate and its original buff log book providing excellent history of the cars ownership.

This is a truly a superb example and probaly the best available and one that would satisfy the most discerning Alvis  connoisseur.