Chevrolet Corvette 427 Big Block 1966 LHD


One of the most iconic of the Corvettes.

The Chevrolet advertising for these cars was uncompromising and it is worth repeating the description from Chevrolet for the 1966 Big Blocks.——-

“Just starting it makes your stomach muscles tighten”

Buckle into that business like Corvette seat. Turn the key. Row Row Row . . . BrruUM!

That insistent throb is the Turbo-Jet 427 you ordered. 425 horsepower churning under the domed hood. You sense great gulps of air rushing down the through a Four barrel carburettor to their final explosion while unshrouded valves,solid lifters and a special cam do their stuff. Now wipe your perspiring palm and slip that gearboix into first – Snick! Your about to have a driving experience you'll remember.”

These were truly remarkable cars and now have an undisputed iconic status.

This 427 is finished in its orignal rare Milano Maroon with saddle leather interior combination and black convertible hood.

The car drives and stops perfectly and the steering on this Corvette is excellent.

A wonderful car to drive and own. Just fantastic

These 427 7 litre cars are difficult to find and are rare and appreciating cars.