Jaguar XK120 OTS – 1950 SOLD

This is a rare early XK120 OTS Chassis 660185 with excellent photogaphic evidence of early Australian race history in Australia at Bathurst in 1951. It also has American race history having been owned and driven on both continents by Chester “Chet” Flynn.

This car is also featured in the 2011 edition of Jaguar World in a

comprehensive 4 Page article all about this car


Chassis       660185

Engine        W1969-7     3442cc

Gearbox     JH 3937

Body No    F1759

Despatched to Brylaws of Melbourne on the 14th September 1950. Registered in Victoria on the 27November 1950 with the registration number SZ 999. Bought by Chester J Flynn the well known American race driver and raced by him at Bathurst  when he resided in Australia in the early fifties.

Documents and photographs from the Bathurst Race and Australian Motor Sports dated April 1951 give a fine commentary of the race which took place at the Mount Panarama circuit on Easter Monday.

The car features in the latest and excellent book from Terry McGrath. “The Jaguar XK120 in the Southern Hemisphere”. This book is sure to be the major research tool for Major auction houses Collectors and people seriously involved in Jaguar XK Classic Cars.

The car is in excellent retored condition in all regards.

The car is matching numbes and has its original engine and  Studless Camshaft covers and special eqipment specification with dynamo and C Type exhaust system. The car has also retained rear wheel spats and original drum brakes. The car has its original ventilated front drum brakes from its early race history. now fitted with a high efficency aluminum radiator.

Beautifully restored in 2009. This rare and early  XK120 OTS has the benefit of substanniated Bathhurst Race history.

The XK120 is also thought to have raced on 24 May 1952 when entered by Chester J Flynn at Bridgehampton on Long Island when he came 3rd in “The Hamptons Production Car Race”. He also entered XK120 At Watkins Glen on 20 September 1952.   Chester J Flynn it is understood returned to the US early in 1952 with the XK120.

Pleasingly since the publication of Terrys book evidence has now become available of races in the US including Watkins Glen.

The registration for the XK in the United States was 52366. This shows that Chester J Flynn entered these races driving the XK120

This world travelling XK120 OTS drives beautifully and its documented history make this a special car for the collector of fine and historic sports cars.