MG RV8 – 1997 SOLD

This car is in perfect condition and the 10000 miles mileage has documented evidence as being correct. The car is in as new condition in perfect Woodcote green with cream leather interior.

This car was produced in 1996 and not registered until 1997 making this one of and possibly one of the last to be registered.

1800 MGRV8,s cars were produced of which some 1500 most with air con were sold to Japan as was this car. Although many have been repatriated to the UK. Europe and in particular Australia are buying these cars and Australia have alone imported 200 from Japan. This is making these sort after cars more difficult to acquire.

With a spectacular performance of  0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 138mph from strong 3900cc V8 engine these are the investment classics of the future.

The car includes its personal number plate, handbooks, CD wokshop manual and literature.

The car is fully serviced an ready to go.